Nonic Eco Products


The story of Nonic sprouted out from our Founder – Shivam Mishra’s vision of a sustainable and plastic free world. Each year, billions of tons of plastic waste is disposed on land and in water bodies, this has been a major threat to the land and aquatic health of the planet. 

At Nonic, we believe in creating a plastic free world by bringing to you a collection of eco-friendly products, benefitting both the nature and our customers. Our products are 100% plastic free and recyclable, made out of bamboo. Each purchase that you make from us, we get a step closer towards achieving our purpose.


The story of nonic started when Shivam was looking to shift to zero waste lifestyle. As all the daily essentials which we use in our daily life is made of plastic. The first step in morning we do is to brush our teeth, so why not to make change there. Billions of plastic toothbrush end up in ocean and constitutes as a major source to marine pollution. Brand launched bamboo toothbrushes which is an ecofriendly alternative to plastic toothbrushes. A small change which we make does make an impact and contribute significantly towards environment. A zeal of introducing sustainable products in the market led to the rise of Nonic. A brand which make products which is good for our consumers and environment both. The company is committed to developing products that would be a direct eco-friendly alternative to single-plastic products.


Nonic is founded with a vision to offer zero waste solutions to consumer. We aim to make a better tomorrow by offering sustainable products which can help consumers to take a step towards zero waste lifestyle. Our brand vision is to eradicate single-use plastic as much as possible, making an environment a sustainable space for the coming generation.


To make a positive impact by introducing sustainable alternative to single use plastic products. Make earth a cleaner, greener and healthy place to live.

Let’s take a step towards zero waste lifestyle.